Capacity building boost export in SMEs

The ITM Worldwide Concept has been developed by trade councils and SME organisations sponsored by the EU to meet this need and give small and medium-sized companies access to world markets.

Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, Antonio Tajani, explains the importance of industrial competitiveness for the 21st Century…

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International Networking create trade

The international network comprises international colleagues, experts in international trade and customers. Network building is a precondition for international trade, and demands a high level of language skills, cultural understanding and social skills.


According to the EIM Pantela “Opportunities for the internationalization of SMEs” report in May 2011 capacity building is the most important measure to increase export. The message is clear: government’s needs to put international trade training on the agenda to overcome barriers and increase export in SMEs.

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Cutting Trade Barriers

The growth of small and medium-sized companies is an issue of concern worldwide. In spite of the Single Market in Europe, and the free movement of people, goods, services and capital, there are still obstacles for SMEs to overcome in order to be able to increase their exports. This is of strategic importance to small and developing
countries whose economies are largely export dependent.

  • Lack of trade skills
  • The "knowledge-doing gap"
  • SMEs are situated in rural areas
  • Lack of international networks for trade
  • Lack of global qualification system

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International trade training boosting international trade

The ITM Worldwide Foundation based in Lidköping, Sweden is carrying out groundbreaking work to support SMEs to trade across national boundaries, providing a vital boon for the global economy.

Hasse Karlsson is at the forefront of efforts to offer novel, world-class training to talented university graduates. Here, he talks about his successes so far and his vision for developing the work further.

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In Sweden they have found a solution to one of the largest  problems in Denmark. A short internship based export training bridges the gap between peripheral regions small
businesses and large urban unemployed young graduates. 1.100 young people have so far been through the program. They have on average increased their internship
company exports 5 million Swedish kronor and create 2-­-3 new jobs in the first year after graduation.

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Världsunik exportstiftelse har Lidköping som bas

When the ITM Worldwide Foundation in Lidköping. was formed !ve years ago was the founder Hasse Karlsson did not imagine that it would get so much international attention that it received.

From a bright and spacious room in the "scraper" on Rorstrand area sits ITM Worldwide Foundation projectmanagement
and from here there is the whole world as its !eld.

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New career opportunities

The ITM Worldwide Program generates export growth for SMEs and creates new career opportunities for university graduates.

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