EXPORT TRAINEE - för små och medelstora företag 

Exportstiftelsen hjälper små och medlestora företag att attrahera de bästa talangerna. Vi rekryterar, utbildar och coachar unga, språkkunniga akademiker till små och medlestora företag utanför storstadsområdena. Vi har rekryterat och utbildat 1.100 sedan 1994. 

ITM Worldwide Foundation help SMEs to recruit, train and coach young university graduates with good language skills to become export professionals. This program has been done only in Estona, so far as most countries prefere to train their own staff using the Global Expprt manager program. The two programs are identical. 

Program Aim

The aim of the international certified Export Trainee Program is to boost export in small and medium-sized companies.

The ITM Worldiwde Concept

The ITM Worldwide Concept is a blend of trade training seminars, practical toolboxes, individual coaching to implement an export business plan and lecturers with international business experience and access to an international network of colleagues, experts and potential customers .A total of 14 seminars days during 9 months.

Trade Regulations - 3 x1 day
International Market Research - 2 days
Export Sales Training - 2 days
Export Business Plan 3 x1 day
Managing Across Culture - 1 day
Trade Marketing & Strategies - 2 days
Change management - 1 day

An international faculty

ITM Worldwide has succeeded in engaging some of Europe´s most renowned and distinguished professors and trade experts, each one with many years of international business experience. They manage to bridge the "Knowledge-doing-gap" between theory and practice by turning knowledge into action. Each one of our faculty members has together developed the ITM Worldwide Concept.

A Globally Certified Diploma

ITM Worldwide Foundation is accredited by IATTO (International Association of Trade training Organisations) and our Global Export Manager Program qualify for the "Diploma in International Trade Management" and was the first in the world to be certified by IATTO in 2014.

The individuals that has successfully completed our certified program qualify for the IATTO global professional designation "WORLD TRADE PROFESSIONAL", provided they have minimum two years of international work experience, sign IATTO Code of Conduct and agree to Continuing Professional Development.

Company and induvidual benefits

Increased export
The latest knowledge and skills in the fields of international trade
An export business plan for the company
Individual export coaching to turn knowledge into increased export
Access to an International Alumni Network
A globally recognized Diploma in International trade Management
Qualifying for the IATTO professional designation "World Trade Professional"

The Export Trainee Program is offered in Sweden and abroad sponsored by public funding.

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An international certified program boosting export and careers in small and medium-sized companies



New career opportunities for university graduates in SMEs

ITM Worldwide Concept also create career opportunities for export managers with a university degree within companies and
attract university graduates looking for an international career in SMEs.
We manage to bridge the “knowledge-doing gap” between universities and SMEs by turning knowledge into action. Practical
toolboxes, coaches to implement the knowledge, lecturers with business experiences and access to an international network of
colleagues, experts and potential customers is the key.