The program offers an alternative career path for high potenitials away from the big corporations. Small and medium sized companies (SME’s) in cooperation with ITM Worldwide Foundation are now able to offer a full trainee program for one year similar to the trainee programs offered by big corporations.

During the one year trainee period you will practice in the company following a structured trainee program to get to know the company, the products and practice sales but also take part in an international vocational trade training program offerd by ITM Worldwide Foundation.

ITM Worldwide Foundation is offering this opportunity to young trade professionals with good language skills. Experience from abroad is also very important when you want become an International Managment Trainee. Your specific profile and background will be match with a potential company.

Every company and trainee position is unique and based on both the company profile and teh trainees experiences. Often the trainee has to do market research, work with sales and finding customers on new international markets.

The type of position after one year will vary but often the trainee becomes:

- Key account Manager
- Export Sales Manager
- Marketing Manager

Why work in Small and Medium sized Enterprise?

A smaller company obviously has all the function that a larger company also has, the big advance with working in a smaller company is that you will be part of the whole company rather than working with one department. You will quicker assume a great responsibility and you will also quicker see the outcome of your efforts.

IATTO - diploma

ITM worldwide is one of the first to be accreditate by the global organization IATTO -International Association of Trade Training Organisation. That means that the Diploma you will receive will be valued internationally.

International trade management program consist of the following seminars:

International Trade Strategies (2 days)

Managing Across Cultures (1 day)

International Market Research (2 days)

Change Management (1 day)

Export Sales Training (2 days)

Export documents/International delivery terms/Product liability (1 day)

International payment & financing (1 day)

International law (1 day)

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