ITM Worldwide Foundation in partnership with Trade Organizations and Ministries boosting export and create new jobs


A need for trade competence

As the world becomes a global marketplace, small and medium-sized companies are growing increasingly dependent on their ability to conduct business internationally. The growth of SMEs is an issue of common concern worldwide, and of strategic importance to small countries whose economies are largely export-dependent. The biggest obstacle to international expansion continues to be lack of qualified trade knowledge. The ITM Worldwide Concept has been developed by seven trade councils and SME organizations sponsored by the EU to meet this need.

The ITM Worldwide Concept

The ITM Worldwide Concept is a vocational training program in trade which is designed to build export competences within SMEs, providing The expertise, knowledge and networks needed to help businesses grow internationally. Our hallmark is standardized training modules developed and delivered by some of Europe´s and Chinas most renowned and distinguished professors and trade experts, we are able to offer a unique blend of academic and practical trade training. A total of 14 days in 6 months. Our export coaches, all of whom are experienced business people, turn theoretical knowledge into a practical export business plan , and prepare participants for meeting potential customers.

A blended program

A blend of trade training seminars, coaching, networking and business meetings abroad. The program has three steps: preparing for Export, preparing for the market and business meetings. The first step comprises seminars in trade regulations, international market research and export sales training followed by export coaching. This results is an implemented export business plan. The second step consists of joint international seminars where, together with participants from other countries, the network of colleagues can be enlarged. Seminars in cross-culture, managing change and international trade marketing are delivered in order to implement a strategy. The third and final step encompasses business meetings with potential customers, resulting in exportation.

An award winning and globally certified program

ITM Worldwide Foundation is accredited by IATTO  – International Association of Trade Training Organisations and was awarded the IATTO Ian Phelps Award in 2008 for ”Honouring world-class achievement in trade education and development”. Awarded “Best Cases” by The European Union in 2005. The ITM Worldwide Program is globally certified by IATTO and qualify for the IATTO professional designation "World Trade Professional".

The ITM Worldwide Alumni Network for life-long-learning, career and business opportunities is another bonus. A possibility to keep in touch with colleagues, trade experts and potential customers after the training.


Why is The ITM Worldwide Concept unique?

  • We have documented that the ITM Worldwide Concept boost export and create new jobs in SMEs
  • 100 % of our customers says that the program lived up to or exceeded their expectations
  • We are truly international and a blend of trade seminars, individual export coaching to implement the export business plan, networking and company visits abroad in one concept.
  • A global faculty with international business experiences
  • International networking abroad to meet with colleagues from other countries and the ITM Worldwide Alumni Network of SMEs and trade experts is a vital part of the concept.
  • We are the first trade management program in the world to be certified by IATTO – The International Association of Trade Training Organizations.
  • SME Managers holding our Diploma in International Trade Management can apply for IATTO´s global professional designation “World trade Professional”.
  •  “Best Cases” by European Commission 2005 and presented with IATTO Ian Felps Award 2008 for “Honoring world- class achievement in trade education and development”.
  • We are a well proven concept. We have trained more than 1.600 export managers in 27 countries in Europe, Africa and The Caribbean.
  • We have been developed by seven Trade Councils and SME Organzation’s in Europe sponsored by EU.


ITM Worldwide i a registered trade mark in EU and our program is the first in the world to be certified by IATTO. We have trained more than 1.600 export managers in 27 countries in Europe, South Afrika, Namibia and the Carribbean in partnership with Ministries, Trade and SME-organisations and the Swedish Aid (SIDA)


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"We are not only measured by outstanding evaluations, but by something more important increased export. Our experiences from Estonia and Slovenia shows that exports in SMEs increased by 800.000 – 1 Million Euro one year after completion of the Program”



The ITM Worldwide Concept is a belnd of trade seminars, export coaching, networking and company meetings abroad



ITM Worldiwde Foundation offer export programs on three levels - Export Manager - Export Trainee - Export Assistan.


The ITM Worldwide Program is globally certified by the International Asociation of Trade Training Organisations (IATTO) and after compleation of the program the participants get a "Diploma in International Trade Management".


World Trade Professional (WTP)

Exporters with a "Diploma in International Trade Management" can also apply for the IATTO professional designation World Trade Professional if they have more than two yeras of export experience, sign the IATTO "Code of Conduct" and agree to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).